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A professionally installed Microsam Security digital video surveillance system for your home gives you a whole new level of peace of mind. Monitor your home in real time, or post event, on a supported smartphone, tablet or PC from almost anywhere in the world. Easy-to-use software means you’re never more than a few clicks away from seeing your property in real time.

Benefits of Video Surveillance:
  • Check in on your family or a loved one living alone
  • See the progress of workers in your home
  • Create a deterrent to vandalism and theft
  • Record suspicious activity, if it does occur

Camera Features:

Our digital camera technology deliver higher resolution (versus an analog camera) for clearer images and covers a larger area so fewer cameras are needed.

  • 1.3 megapixels 720P
  • Lens available in 2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm and 12mm
  • Night vision (IR 100 feet)
  • Weatherproof, rated to operate in temperatures as low as -30 Celsius
  • Detects motion
  • Vandal resistant

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In today's more complex education environment with large student populations, it is extremely important to provide a safe and secure learning environment with unparalleled image detail. 

With a reliable surveillance system in place, a school’s positive reputation will increase and therefore enrollment rates and school popularity will increase. Bullying on school premises will be discouraged. In addition, video footage can be used to improve school programs and extracurricular activities. 

Microsam provides solutions that benefit teachers, students, administration and parents alike.

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banks financial banques

Banks, insurance companies, consumer finance corporations, private lending companies, money transfer companies, stock brokerages and investment firms require surveillance systems in place that keep banks safe and secure, protect assets, and prevent theft through unparalleled image detail. 

Microsam provides solutions that keep employees safe as well as reducing investigation time and losses from fraud by allowing the monitoring of multiple branches from one location.

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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require reliable high-definition video surveillance in order to keep patients, staff and visitors safe. Reduce drug diversions, damage to equipment, and violence while making sure that all parties comply by the strict healthcare industry regulations.

Healthcare facilities must have surveillance systems installed to ensure that medications and specified equipment are safely locked and inaccessible to unauthorized personnel.

Microsam systems seamlessly integrate into existing security infrastructures.

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Local and federal governments must manage and protect assets in varying locations. The combination of the right security measures is an important factor in government institutions for the protection of property and personnel. 

Microsam delivers scalable, concept-to-reality solutions for every level of Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government security applications. 

We focus on application specific needs and strategically deliver unified security solutions for video surveillance tailored to individual customer needs.

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In today’s retail environment, it is necessary to monitor store entrance and exits, as well as activity that take place inside the retail store. A high-definition surveillance system allows you to monitor customer patterns to improve store performance. 

In addition, protect your store by reducing theft and ensuring a safe environment for patrons and staff alike. 
Manage and track employee access to ensure that employees are complying to store rules. 

Microsam solutions allow retailers the peace of mind by providing surveillance systems aligned with your business needs.

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Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and tourist venues in the hospitality sector have a responsibility to ensure that their guests and personnel are protected and in safe environment. 

Hospitality businesses must have high-definition security cameras and surveillance systems installed on the premises. Since these businesses regularly have heavy traffic and patron turnover rates, hectic situations can arise. It is important to have a system that is able to effectively monitor activity at all times in order to protect both personnel and guests alike. 

Video recording can also be used for training purposes and to improve staff performance as client satisfaction is the main focus in hospitality. 

Microsam solutions are customized and integrated seamlessly into already existing surveillance systems.

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Warehousing and logistics corporations have a wide range of equipment and valuable items on their properties. 
Many businesses operate around-the-clock, making personnel within the building vulnerable to unpredictable security issues. 
Security and surveillance measures must be implemented in order to protect staff as well as property. 

Microsam's solution expertise in the manufacturing arena can help increase operational efficiencies and management, as well as providing safety and protecting assets.

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